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Come and see our new salon, just around the corner.
You'll love our new salon in Stockport, just across from Stepping Hill Hospital. It's only a short walkie away from our original home studio that hundreds of customers know and trust…and still very familiar territory to your dog!

Nose to Tail

Nose to Tail Grooming with Loving Care

At Grooming Marvellous you can choose from a whole range of services, as much or as little as you want, or just leave it to us to take care of everything from whiskers to wag:





Find & Fetch

JULY 18, 2009

We're easy to find on the A6 Stockport to Buxton Road. Just follow the signs to Stepping Hill Hospital and we're just opposite in the row of shops with the NatWest Bank and Cheshire Flowers. There's a convenient drop-off zone right outside.




Healthy Puppies

Why Your Dogs Love Our Gentle Touch.

Naturally you want impeccably high standards in dog grooming. But we understand you're looking for so much more that it's our pride and pleasure to provide for you right here in Stockport. You'll soon see that we're all about caring for every breed of best friend, including playful puppies, reluctants, over-joyous and dear old darlings. We specialise in what we call 'Convertibles' too – shy, nervous or just plain scared dogs whom we convert into long-term happy returners. All it takes is a bit of confidence building and a whole lot of loving.

You can depend on the warmest of welcomes here and our complete understanding of what you want for your dog - and what your dog really needs to feel good and look gorgeous. Regular careful grooming by our experts also helps keep your doggy feeling healthier and happier. That's why hundreds of customers bring their beloveds back, year after year, and recommend us to their family and friends.

Loving Hands & Patient Attention
As you'd expect of highly qualified dog groomers, your dog's comfort, confidence and safety are our top priority. That's why we don't employ any dubious high speed gadgetry, just loving hands, patient attention and gentle ways. We're fully insured for your peace of mind and we even keep Customer Care records for every dog we've ever looked after. We'd love your furry friend to join the family. Click on the links to find out more and do visit our Pets and Pals gallery to see the proud results of our famous gentle touch.

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New Parlour opening soon. 14th Dec 2009.